The power of gold on the skin

Gold is a biocatalyst in liquid form that penetrates the tissues, accelerating the biochemical reactions that revitalize the dermis in depth.

Gold has an anti-inflammatory action, stimulates cellular activity, improves microcirculation and oxygenation of the skin and counteracts premature aging processes, preventing micro-wrinkles and smoothing already formed "furrows".

Since the times more remote They it is considered a true ally for the beauty of the skin. Today this precious substance is used to make creams, treatments, face and neck masks.

History and 24k gold

24k Gold it is a true beauty elixir, its qualities have been known since the beginning of time. The Egyptians, considering it the perfection of matter, claimed that it purified body, mind and spirit. Legend has it that the beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra wore a golden mask every night to preserve her radiant splendor. Again, reading the manuals of ancient Chinese medicine, it turns out that gold, even in the ancient East, was considered a real secret of youth. Other literary testimonies tell us how important body and face care was in ancient Rome and how frequently gold-enriched ointments were used as a remedy for skin problems.
It is therefore ascertained how the importance of gold goes through every era up to modern times.

Benefits and properties of gold

The benefits Of their 24k for our body they are really a lot.
This noble stone possessing antiseptic and above all anti-inflammatory properties, acts positively and it helps to improve physical and mental prowess .
24k gold it is especially good for our skin, because:

  • it is a powerful anti-inflammatory;
  • it is a strong antibacterial;
  • it has enormous antioxidant power.

Applied on the skin manages to penetrate and reactivate our dermis in depth: it stimulates cellular activity, microcirculation and tissue oxygenation . Their it is mainly a powerful and natural anti-aging, capable of regenerating the skin and making it brighter and fresher.

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